Monday, October 4, 2010

baby picturs

ok here are a few pictures of my grandson.. he is now 5 months old and do not ge to see him until christmas but thank goodness for the computer.. every now and then we get to skype him and our daughter as they still do not have internet where they live..

so i am posting a few of the pictures she just sent me this weekend

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Here is an idea to do with any of your kids or grandkids pants.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

halloween mini

here are pictures of a halloween mini album that i recently did.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

mini albums

Here are some pictures of a few mini albums that i have done recently.. i found a site that showed how to make one with just 1 sheet of 12 x 12 paper for the base of the album.. These are so much fun to make and so i did a few and am thinking about doing them for a craft show or proably will just end up giving them as gifts.
thanks for looking.

Monday, September 20, 2010

new mb

ok since the new mb board has a direct link to everyones blog. I guess we will have to keep them updated more.. at least i will. i have been busy getting ready for fall craft shows and waiting on the christmas swap and finsihing up a couple that i have joined. I have a few new projects that i would like to share but have to wait until i get home so i can take the pictures..

will up load them later.. not really sure if i like the new board but i guess we not have a choice.. it is like everything else it will get better with time...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

welcome fall

i really can not believe that i am thinking about fall projects already.. it seems that it was just the beginning of summer a few days ago... i just wanted to show you a project that i did today.. my dh will be cutting some of these from wood for me to paint for the craft shows but i wanted to see how one would be made from paper.. so here is a double duty sign.. one side is for halloween and the other is just for everyday fall...hope you like it

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

mini album

Here is a sample of the mini albums that i did for the girls softball team that my husband helps coach. there are twelve girls on the team and i did one for each. ... hope you like was a lot of fun.. left some pages for them to add their own pictures and the last day when we handed them out they were running around getting everyone to sign them. so i think they liked them. there were eight double sided pages for each album..

Monday, March 15, 2010

bath scruby

Here is what i found at walmart........
It is a bath scruby with a soap rose on the top
let me know what you think

Thursday, March 11, 2010

been away

ok i have not been keeping up with my blog for a couple of weeks.. i have had a very strange happening going on.. i have become bitten by the scrap bug and in the last two weeks have purchased a cricut expression with the four new carts from hsn, the cuttlebug bundle and have been to m's a couple of times looking for all kind of new items... i am still doing my tole painting which my dh and i do together and make extra income from.. which will come in handy since we will be making a trip to maine within the next few weeks as the grandbaby is due april 20th... i have been following a lot of blogs lately and i hope that i will be able to make mine a little bit more insteresting in the future. i am still trying to get a picture posted so hopefully i will be able to post a couple of the first attempts at altered projects and explosion box i just did..

thank you to all the people that i have been able to ideas and help from.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baby Shower

Today was my daughter's baby shower and she lives in maine and i am in wv so it was different doing this high tech.. we skyped the shower and it was funny watching it on the computer screen.. but at least i got to see her... She was surprised with her "cake" it is the only thing that we have been able to send her without her knowing about it in advance. Someday when i figure out how to post pictures I will put them on.

So now we have to wait for the due date of april 20th.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nursery curtains

I have been working on curtains for my daughter's nursery this past week... the window curtain was pretty easy as it was just a couple of panels with clip hooks to hang it by. The curtains for the closet spaces were another matter. I decided that i would cut animals from fabric and iron them to a twin sheet that i had already sewn to the correct size for the closet. Sounds pretty simple unless you are a newbie and i spent 3 evenings trying to figure out how to cut the animals the correct size and colors. I am hoping to post some pictures as soon as i can figure out how to do this. Just wanted to thank anyone who happens to read this for there help from the bessage board.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

towel cake

I just finished making a towel cake for my daughters baby shower. It came out better than i thought it would since this was my first attempt. The towels had animals on them that she is using in her nursey. I hope to post pictures soon but i am not sure exactly how to do this. I will let you know when i get this done.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I am working on an explosion box for my daughter's baby shower. i have an idea to have this box be a year long box of pictures. i hope to be able to upload pictures of this as soon as i have finished this. She is having the nursey done in an jungle theme and this animal kingdom cartridge is perfect for this. i have gotten so many ideas from other blogs that this is turning out to be a lot of fun. Just have to get it done quickley as the whole thing has to be shipped to maine from west virginia. the post office and UPS loves me.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

first card

i did my first card today but still have not figure out how to upload just yet. My son is supposed to help me tomorrow so maybe i will be able to do it then.

Friday, January 29, 2010


I am new to the blog world and after reading some of the other blogs decided i would give this a try. I have been doing wooden crafts for a number of years but have just started in the paper world. I know that I would not have to wait for my dh to cut out the projects for me so i am hoping that this will be something i can do without his having to do much. i have made a couple small projects and when i figure out how to input the pictures i will upload them for you to see.

Master questionaire

MB Name: planlady19

First Name: Terri Your birthday: 1/24

Do you have any Children or Pets: 2 children 1 boy 1 girl both grown and out of the house 2 dauschaund's

What do you and/or a spouse do for a living (If you don't mind sharing): I am currently not working but hope to find a new job soon/spouse custodian

Children's Name & Fur Babies Names & Ages (if you don't mind sharing, if you do that is okay): Jason - Jessie Birthdays &/or Anniversaries or momentous occasions of Family Members (Just in case your Partner would like to send cards): ann. 10/6

Anything your Partner should know that is going to happen in the upcoming year (birth, graduation, promotion, launch of new business, marriage, etc…): birth of 1st grandchild - boy birthday 4/8/10

What is your Favorite Holiday: Christmas What is your Favorite Season: Fall

Do you like to Read? yes

Who is your Favorite Author or What kind of books do you like: usually just light reading debbie mccromber

Favorite Disney Character: tigger

Favorite Movie: White Christmas

Top 10 Favorite Brands: don't know just started doing scrapbooking

Favorite Paper: any

Favorite Colors: earth tones

Do you scrapbook, make cards, or both: i am trying both List top 10 Favorite Embellishments: any

What color stickles do you like or use a lot: just bought some and so far i like the diamond , iced

What are your current projects that you are working on: explosion box for my grandson for all his first year memories] still working on this..I am now working on our christmas album for our grandson 1st christmas

What are your goals when it comes to scrapbooking next year (Please List All): to make a year long memory book for my 1st grandchild

Do you Stamp? If so, what brand of stamps do you like: i would like the peachykeen stamps for faces just started stamping have a few ctmh stamps

What Cricut cuts would you like (List 10): anything christmas or snowman

Is there any product you are looking for but can't find: not sure yet anything as the nearest m's or jo's is an hour away

Do you like glitter, what brand: ms

Favorite candy: chocolate Favorite snack: any

List 10 things you would like to find in a paint can: stickles, embellisments, pink atg tape, th inks,

Do you use stickers? If so, what brand of stickers do you prefer: don't use them alot but like the jolee and soft spoken 3 d ones

Do you own the Baby Bug or the Expression or the Create: have the e gave the create to my daughter.

Wish list of 5 cartridges: disney, childs first year, create a critter, nursey rhyms , any of the new carts

Do you have a bind it all: the chinch

Do you like chocolate? Dark or Milk Chocolate: milk

What is your favorite technique:

What technique what you like to know more about: any

Do you have design studio: yes

List 10 things that you would like to have created on Design Studio:

Do you have a Cuttlebug: yes

List Top 10 Cuttlebug Folders on your wish List: any of the new ones

Is there anything that you don't like that is related to scrapbooking:

Is there anything else you want your Partner to know about you: Is there anything non scrapbooking that your Partner should know such as Collections, Hobbies, favorite past time: i do a lot of tole painting for craft shows

What is your favorite scent: baked apple

Is there anything you don't like in general:

Wish List: tim holtz stamps , tilda stamps, copic markers

What Size do you scrapbook most, 6x6, 8x8, or 12x12: have only done 6 x 6 starting 12 x 12

Are you allergic to anything: no

Do you like to alter items, If so what do you like to alter:

List your Cartridges: Plantian, Don Juan, Stand & Salute, Animal Kingdom, Lycial Letters, Morthers Day and Snow friends straight from the nest, sentimentals, forever young, everyday paper dolls and dress up , paper pups, winter woodland, just because cards

Do you subscribe to any scrapping magazines: no

What is your favorite Scrapbook Store that is near you? none What is your favorite Scrapbook Website Store (other than Provocraft and, that is everyone's favorite.)

Do you use stencils: yes

Top 5 favorite adhesive: use red tacky tape a lot.. just got the pink atg gun

Do you like paper punches: yes

Do you have kids or grandchildren you scrap with: no

If you own a Cuddlebug, List your folders:just got it bundle from hsn, halloween house, and wooden